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Twenty One neon pink signage hire

Twenty One neon pink signage hire

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Introducing vibrant and eye-catching neon signage that will make your 21st celebration truly unforgettable! This dazzling Twenty-one neon sign is a perfect addition to your party decor, measuring an impressive 0.8 meters in width and 50 centimeters in height.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this neon sign features a brilliant combination of vibrant colors and captivating design. The phrase "Twenty One" is beautifully illuminated with neon lights, creating a mesmerizing visual display that will instantly grab everyone's attention.

The neon lights radiate a warm and inviting glow, making it an ideal centerpiece for your birthday party venue. Whether you're hosting a grand soirée or an intimate gathering, this sign will effortlessly enhance the celebratory atmosphere and serve as a focal point for memorable photographs and social media-worthy moments.

The size of this neon signage ensures its visibility from across the room, allowing guests to easily locate the designated celebration area. It can be hung on a wall, displayed on a stand, or even placed on a table, offering versatility in positioning and ensuring it fits seamlessly into your party layout.

Pick-up is available from our workshop in Auckland.

A bond of $100 is required for rental, ensuring the safe return of the archway.

Delivery and next business day pick up to your address are available for $80.

The same day after-hours pick up is available for an extra $100.

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