Balloonz Q&A

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy.


Cancellations made 10 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund minus administration fee $50. Cancellations made within 3 - 6 days will incur a 50% fee. Cancellations made within 48 hours to the event will incur a 70% fee. 

Balloon garland Q&A

Home installation 

We use


A:removable Command hooks against most commonly glass window or plaster wall, which can be easily removed by pulling the adhesive tab downwards. Please make sure you do this slowly so that the tab comes off in one piece, as improper removal may cause damage to your wall such as paint peeling etc. We are not taking any liability if that happens.

B: Building clamps. If we have to attach 100% damage free. That would mean creating extra frames, therefore installation time will change and therefore cost too. If you have just made changes to your interior please let us know, so we can prepare.

C: Suction cups, used only on the glass.

Venue installation

Command hooks are generally allowed to be used against glass window or acrylic panel if available, but not on the wall (some venues are very strict). It is your responsibility to get approval from the venue manager to use Command hooks. No liability will be taken should the hooks cause damage to the surface they were stuck on, as we will not be the one to remove them.

If hooks, clamps, suction cups were not allowed and there are no other rigging options available (such as ceiling beams etc), then you will need to hire a backdrop. We do hire out props please take a look at our hire range.

Backdrops hired from other supplier.

If we are fixing your garland to a backdrop, the prop must be ready at the designated time. We are always under tight schedule, pressure  and will only have a limited amount of time on site (up to an 1-1.5hour in most cases). If the prop is not ready when we get there, unfortunately we will have to install the garland temporarily elsewhere which you can move later on.

What do you do with the balloons afterwards?

There are a few options - you can pop the jumbo balloons and take the rest home, you can onsell them, or you can get the kids to pop the balloons and they'll have the best time of their lives. Bump out fee applies if you require us to remove the balloons after the event.

How long do balloon garlands last?

It goes without saying that with balloons, their lifetime is affected by the condition they are in. If you keep them indoor with no direct sunlight, air conditioning, or heating running in the room, they will last up to a few weeks or a month. 

When balloons are oxidised, they will loose their natural shine and become matte and dull in appearance, confetti balloons will become cloudy. Balloons will also shrink faster on a cold winter night or in a room with air conditioning.

With outdoor installation, balloons may oxidise as quickly as in half an hour. Some balloons may pop randomly on a really hot day. Generally you can only assume outdoor garland to last for the day.

Can you replicate a photo of garland I sent you?

Given the organic nature of garlands, no two garland can be made exactly the same. The colours and composition will be the same (or a close match), however the shape or the end result will never be identical to your inspiration photo. We have a certain formula in working out the amount of balloons we use - please see our Instagram page to get a feel of our style.

Please note that your garlands may appear shorter or longer due to its natural curves. Garland length is measured when they lay flat and straight.