How to Transport an Assembled Balloon Garland

How to Transport an Assembled Balloon Garland 

If you’re planning a party and want to add a festive touch by decorating with balloon garlands, how can you transport them so that they aren’t deflated when your guests arrive?


It’s actually a simple process—we'll walk you through how to transport an assembled balloon garland from our store or home and deliver it safely.


Why You May Want to Transport a Pre-made Balloon Garland

Generally speaking, there are main reasons why you might transport a balloon garland. 

1. You’re a Busy Event Planner

It is often impractical to assemble balloon garlands at the event location with such rapid turnaround times.

We will make your balloons in advance at our business location and deliver them to you already inflated the day of or day prior (balloon garlands can last up to 3 weeks if kept indoors). You'll have new decorations, and all you need to do is hang them.


2. You’re a Do-it-yourself person

You can create and assemble your own balloon garland. But it’s a labor-intensive process so you’ll need to start at home a few days in advance to make sure it is ready in time. We Do have these Balloonz Box kits available. You will be able to find a lot of YouTube videos how to assemble these. 

However your party is across town, which means transporting it there. Plan for assembly to take up to 3 hours and allow yourself the time at home to assemble the arch or garland long before the event starts. This can be really time consuming.

We offer our Grab and Go balloon garlands. These are preassembled and pre inflated ready to go in your car, all you need to do is to hang them.

We can make at least 150 different colour combinations, just send to our email an image(inspiration photo or colour palette) with your order number and we will match it!

Here’s what you need to transport your balloon garland:


Transporting your balloon garland is easy: you will need only a few household tools and supplies that are probably already lying around or available at your local store on your way home from work.


Here are three items you'll need.

  1. Landscaping bags or really large trash bags. Or mover bags, mattress bags.

  2. Rubber bands (We will give you those if you purchase Grab and Go balloon garland)

  3. Fishing line (We will give you those if you purchase Grab and Go balloon garland)


Directions for Transporting an Assembled Grab & Go Balloon Garland

Hanging Grab & Go balloon garland would take you 15 min to an 30 min

But if you aren’t experienced in working with balloon garland before, it’s best to stick to give your self an extra time. Also if you have purchased from us more than 2.5m we would recommend to have 2 hours for this. 

  1. Inspect the vehicle you’ll be using to transport your balloon garland. Look for sharp objects in the storage area that could puncture your hard work. Be aware that on hot summer days, the trunk of a car could get too hot and lead to the balloons popping. It’s preferable to use an SUV or minivan to transport your garland instead of a car trunk or truck bed. This will prevent your balloons from bursting in the heat. During the summer, cool off your car before carefully loading your garland pieces inside.

  2. Drive to your event venue and carefully unload Grab & Go balloon garland. Be sure to place balloons in safe areas where nothing will pop one of the balloons on the garland

  3. Hang your balloon garland inside the event venue where you think it will add to the atmosphere and décor the best.


That's all it takes—transporting, and hanging this balloon garland on-site to finalise your party decorations. Let's party!

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