Talk thirty to me Mesh package

Talk thirty to me Mesh package

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Elevate your event to new heights of extravagance and style with our stunning 2-meter Mesh Frame Balloon Display Package. This all-inclusive package is designed to create a visually stunning and memorable experience for your special occasion, ensuring it stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

At the heart of this package is a sophisticated 2-meter mesh frame, providing a sturdy and elegant foundation for your event decor. This frame allows for a grand and captivating display, with a total width of approximately 3 meters.

The centerpiece of this display is the exquisite selection of balloons. You can choose from a wide range of color combinations to match your event's theme and style. Whether you prefer classic and timeless hues or vibrant pops of color, our balloons can be tailored to your preferences.

To add a unique and personalized touch to your event, the package includes customizable neon signage. You can feature a special message, event theme, or name, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

For an extra touch of elegance, consider renting our dry florals, which add a natural and sophisticated element to your decor.

For those looking to infuse a fun and dynamic atmosphere into their event, a disco ball rental is available. The disco ball is perfect for creating an exciting and lively ambiance.

To illuminate your display and create a captivating atmosphere, our LED lights are included. These lights enhance the overall visual appeal of your decor and contribute to the enchanting ambiance.

We offer complete delivery and installation services, ensuring that your display arrives in pristine condition and is set up professionally. Our experienced team will take care of the installation, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Following your event, we offer convenient frame pickup services, typically scheduled for the next business day. If you require same-day pickup, this can be arranged for an additional cost of $150.

Elevate your event to a new level of extravagance and style with our 2-meter Mesh Frame Balloon Display Package. Contact us today to book your rental and transform your event into a visual masterpiece. Create unforgettable memories and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Don't miss this opportunity to make your event truly special.

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