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Grab and Go 2.5m midi balloon garland #5 Pastel

Grab and Go 2.5m midi balloon garland #5 Pastel

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Elevate the elegance and beauty of your party or event decor with our Balloon Garland Grab and Go. These custom pastel-colored balloons are the epitome of sophistication and will infuse your space with a touch of enchantment.

Our decorators have meticulously hand-tied this exquisite garland using premium knotting techniques, ensuring that you can easily transport it home without any hassle. Its impressive 2.5-meter width makes it a captivating centerpiece that will instantly transform your venue.

The beauty of our Balloon Garland Grab and Go lies in its versatility. You have the freedom to customize the color combination to match your specific theme or preferences. With a maximum of four colors to choose from, you can create a decor that's uniquely tailored to your event. Simply send your desired color combination and order number to for a custom request.

To transport this elegant piece, a medium-sized vehicle is recommended to ensure that it arrives at your venue in perfect condition.

Our balloon garlands are designed to impress and endure. When kept indoors, they can maintain their beauty for up to 3-5 weeks, providing you with long-lasting decoration. If you plan to install the garland outside, we recommend doing so a couple of hours before the event to ensure it retains its impeccable appearance.

It's important to note that balloon garlands should not be kept overnight or for more than 2 hours in a hot car, as balloons can expand and pop in warm conditions. These garlands come in an adjustable shape, and we provide you with balloon garland strings for hanging or tying as needed.

For attaching the garland to the wall, you can conveniently purchase command hooks from Countdown or any other supermarket. These clear hooks are designed for attaching temporary items to the wall, and instructions for both attachment and removal can be found on the package.

Whether you choose to pick up your garland from our location at 42 Aranui Road Mt Wellington or opt for our delivery service across Auckland from Monday to Friday for a fee of $40, we ensure that your garland arrives in pristine condition and on time for your event.

Plan your pick-up or delivery according to our schedule:

Monday to Friday - Please let us know your preferred time for pick-up

Saturday: 9-11 am

Sunday: Closed

No public holiday delivery

Embrace the elegance and charm of our Balloon Garland Grab and Go to create a captivating atmosphere at your party or event. Its beauty and customization options make it the perfect choice for adding a touch of magic to your decor.

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