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Corporate Shimmer wall Backdrop and balloon garland display

Corporate Shimmer wall Backdrop and balloon garland display

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Enhance your event with our impressive 4-meter wide shimmer wall/ sequin wall backdrop display, reaching a maximum height of 3 meters. Elevate your brand's image with custom vinyl featuring your company's logo, complemented by a dazzling assortment of 4-5 meter special occasion balloons in your corporate colors.


Turn any event space into an immersive spectacle that captivates attention and creates unforgettable moments, making it ideal as a photo backdrop. Immerse your corporate identity deep into the heart of the celebration, ensuring a truly impactful brand presence.


Enjoy a seamless experience from setup to pack-down with our all-inclusive package, which covers delivery, setup, and pack-down on the next business day. For those who require same-night pack-down, it's available for an additional fee starting at $80, subject to timing.


We also offer a Sunday pack-out option for $60. Booking is convenient and can be done online, and you can send us your logos in PNG format along with your order number.


This package is also available in white gold shimmer walls, rose gold, or classic white variations.

Contact us now to transform your event into a captivating experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Reach out to us at


Additionally, if you desire to add extra balloons or make slight adjustments to the design, please note that these customization options are available but will be priced separately. We are happy to accommodate your specific needs and tailor the display to your preferences. Feel free to inquire about these options, and we will provide you with a personalized quote based on your requirements.

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