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Corporate acrylic balloon garland backdrop

Corporate acrylic balloon garland backdrop

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Introducing our remarkable 2-meter wide Acrylic Disk, a stunning addition that will elevate the aesthetics of your event and captivate your guests. This display promises to be a centerpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

The features of our Acrylic Disk include:

  • A total display width of 3 meters, offering ample space for an eye-catching presentation
  • Customized writing on the acrylic disk, allowing you to convey a personalized message or highlight your event's theme
  • A custom color balloon garland that harmonizes seamlessly with your event's color palette and style
  • Convenient delivery service available throughout Auckland
  • Next business day backdrop pick-up, with the option to extend the display rental to 2-3 days

To add a unique touch to your Acrylic Disk, we invite you to send us your PNG or SVG logo file via email at, along with your order number. This customization ensures that your event branding or personal message is beautifully displayed on the acrylic disk.

Whether it's a corporate function, a birthday celebration, or a wedding reception, our 2-meter wide Acrylic Disk is designed to enhance the visual appeal of any event. It promises to be a conversation starter, a photo backdrop, and a delightful focal point that sets the stage for memorable moments.

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with our Acrylic Disk. Contact us today to secure this exquisite addition and make your occasion truly exceptional.

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