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Grab and Go 2.5m midi balloon garland #1

Grab and Go 2.5m midi balloon garland #1

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Our Grab & Go inflated balloon garland is the epitome of elegance and convenience, designed to elevate your event with style and excitement. This exquisite garland boasts natural tones and subtle colors, carefully curated into a pre-selected custom color palette that exudes beauty and sophistication.

We take pride in using premium helium-quality balloons sourced from renowned companies such as Qualatex, Tuftex, Sempertex, and Kalisan. This commitment to quality ensures that your balloon garland not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time, maintaining its elegance throughout your event.

Transporting our balloon garland is a breeze, thanks to the expert hand-tying by our decorators using premium knotting techniques. This ensures that you can effortlessly transport it home after the event, preserving your cherished memories and the garland's charm.

Measuring an impressive 2.5 meters wide, our balloon garland becomes the centerpiece of your event, captivating all who lay eyes on it. You also have the creative freedom to change the color combination, with the option to choose up to four colors. Simply send your desired color combination and order number to for a custom request.

For your convenience, we recommend a medium-sized vehicle for transporting the garland. Our balloon garlands are designed to impress and endure. When kept indoors, they can maintain their beauty for up to 3-5 weeks, providing you with long-lasting decoration.

However, please remember not to leave the balloon garland overnight or for more than 2 hours in a hot car, as balloons can expand and pop in warm conditions. These garlands come pre-arranged in a shape that can be adjusted as needed, and we provide you with balloon garland strings for easy hanging or tying.

If you plan to attach the garland to the wall, you can conveniently purchase command hooks from Countdown or any other supermarket. These clear hooks are designed for attaching temporary items to the wall, and instructions for both attachment and removal can be found on the package.

For a seamless experience, you can pick up your garland from our location at 42 Aranui Road Mt Wellington. Alternatively, we offer delivery services across Auckland from Monday to Friday for a fee of $40, ensuring your garland arrives in perfect condition and on time for your event.

Coordinate your pick-up or delivery with our schedule:

- Monday to Friday: Please specify your preferred pick-up time

- Saturday: 9-11 am

- Sunday: Closed

Please note that we do not offer public holiday delivery. Make your next event unforgettable with our Grab & Go inflated balloon garland, a perfect blend of style and convenience.

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