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40th light up number set up weekend hire

40th light up number set up weekend hire

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40th Light Up Numbers and Balloon Setup

Elevate your 40th birthday celebration with our stunning light-up numbers and balloon setup. This exceptional package includes 4-5 meters of balloons, allowing you to choose any color combination you desire. It's the perfect way to create a vibrant and festive atmosphere for your milestone birthday.

Key features of our 40th birthday package:

  • Celebratory Ambiance: Our light-up numbers and balloon setup serve as the centerpiece of your birthday celebration, adding a touch of glamour and excitement to your milestone moment.
  • Customized Color Palette: Select from a wide range of color combinations to tailor the setup to your birthday theme and personal preferences, ensuring a visually captivating and personalized display.

Our 40th light-up numbers and balloon setup are designed to make your birthday unforgettable. They transform your event space into a lively and colorful environment that sets the stage for joyous celebrations with loved ones.

Celebrate your 40th birthday in style with our light-up numbers and balloon setup. Create lasting memories surrounded by vibrant decorations that reflect your unique personality and the significance of this special milestone.


Add on Balloon garland for an extra magic

Example photo has  4-5m of balloons

We can match balloon colours to your logo, dress or insparational photo(please send it to us with your order number)

Some custom colors may incur additional charges, particularly if specialty balloons are required)

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