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13 Jumbo balloons in the pool

13 Jumbo balloons in the pool

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Giant Pool Balloons

Are you planning a fantastic pool party? Let's take your pool decor to the next level! Pool decor can not only be an awesome center of attention but also a captivating backdrop for your festivities. Our Giant Pool Balloons 80-90cm are designed to add that extra element of fun and vibrancy to your pool party.

Our stylist will expertly inflate these giant pool balloons with helium, allowing them to float gracefully above the water, creating a delightful party atmosphere. Our strategic placement of these balloons ensures that they look amazing and become the perfect backdrop for capturing your memorable moments.

It's important to note that these balloons are weather-dependent and not recommended for use in high winds. To ensure the best experience, we recommend a maximum wind speed of 7 knots. In case the weather doesn't permit their use in the pool, please have an alternative space ready for them.

Delivery and installation are included in the price, making it hassle-free for you to enjoy your pool party without any added stress. We offer a wide range of color combinations to match your party's theme and style, ensuring that your pool decor is as unique as your event itself.

Make your pool party the talk of the town with our Giant Pool Balloons. Contact us today to book this exciting addition to your event and get ready to dive into a pool party like never before!

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