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100 Light up number hire 1.2m

100 Light up number hire 1.2m

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Illuminate Your Celebrations and Milestones with our Light Up 100!

Whether it's a 100th birthday (OMG well done!!), a company's 100 years of celebration (what an insane achievement!!), a product launch, or any other corporate milestone, our 1.2m Light Up Number Hire is here to make the occasion truly extraordinary. Our giant light-up numbers, including the prominent combination "100," are designed to honour these significant events and create a remarkable visual impact.

Make a bold statement and captivate your guests with our captivating light-up numbers. These impressive giants will instantly become the focal point of your event, grabbing attention and setting the stage for a mesmerizing ambience. With adjustable dimmable lights, you have full control to customize the brightness and create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration, whether it's a joyous 18th birthday or a momentous corporate achievement.

Celebrate your extraordinary milestones and events in style with our remarkable 1.2m Light Up Number Hire. Let our stunning light-up numbers illuminate your special occasion, creating cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come. Reserve your preferred combination today and get ready for an unforgettable experience, be it a milestone birthday, corporate anniversary, product launch, or promotional event!

Add on Balloon garland for an extra magic(Custom colors may incur additional charges, particularly if specialty balloons are required)

We can match balloon colours to your logo, dress or insparational photo(please send it to us with your order number)

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