Pre-Made Balloon Garland

Pre-Made Balloon Garland

Pre made balloon garland - what it is? Grab and Go balloon Garland


Our pre-made balloon garlands are ready to go and can be customized with a variety of colours and themes. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You can choose from single-layered balloon garlands or more opaque looking - double-layered balloon garlands, all depending on your colour scheme. They make great party decor for any occasion! Our pre-made balloon garlands are made from high-quality, biodegradable latex balloons. They have a string attached at the back of the balloon garland so you can easily hang them up.

If you have a blank wall, consider using command hooks—available at your local grocery store.

Balloon garlands are a popular trend at the moment, and it’s no wonder why: they make for beautiful, elegant art installations that can frame an entrance or serve as table decor. 


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Rose gold, Chrome Gold, Creme, and white Balloon GarlandRed, White, Blue Balloon Garland StandRed, Gold, Creme/White Balloon Garland on Stand

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