21st birthday decoration ideas and themes

21st birthday decoration ideas and themes

  1. All-White and Gold Party: Make all the guests wear white and war gold yourself: Decorate with an abundance of white balloons, including helium-filled balloons, balloon garlands, and balloon bouquets. And Giant 21 Light up numbers.
  2. Tropical Luau: Create a tropical paradise with Hawaiian leis, tiki torches, and colourful floral decorations. Serve tropical cocktails and set up a beach-inspired photo booth with props like sunglasses, flower crowns, and leis.

  3. Black and Gold Glam: Decorate with a sophisticated black and gold colour scheme. Use metallic balloons, glittery tablecloths, and elegant tableware. Consider a "21 and Fabulous" banner as the centrepiece.

  4. Sports Fanatic: If the birthday person is a sports enthusiast, decorate with their favourite team's colours and memorabilia. Create a sports bar atmosphere with jerseys, pennants, and a mini basketball hoop or goal.

  5. Retro Arcade: Go nostalgic with an arcade-themed party. Use posters of classic arcade games, joystick-shaped balloons, and tableware featuring iconic game characters. Set up a mini arcade game area for entertainment.

  1. Movie Marathon: Transform the space into a cozy movie theatre. Hang movie posters, set up a popcorn bar with various toppings, and provide comfy seating with blankets and cushions. Create a film reel-inspired cake.
  2. Travel Adventure: If the birthday person loves to travel, decorate with maps, globes, and suitcase centrepieces. Use a "Boarding Pass" invitation and serve international cuisine from different countries.
  3. Music Festival: Turn the party into a mini music festival. Create a staging area with a live band or DJ, use bohemian and colourful decorations, and provide flower crowns for guests. Set up a "VIP" lounge with comfortable seating.
  4. Cocktail Party: Host a sophisticated cocktail party with a well-stocked bar, martini glasses, and mixology-themed decor. Create a signature cocktail for the birthday person and offer a variety of drink options.
  5. Artistic Expression: If the birthday person is an artist or appreciates art, decorate with vibrant colours, paintbrushes, and easel centrepieces. Set up a canvas painting station for guests to unleash their creativity.
  6. Game Night: Arrange a game night with board games, card games, and a giant Jenga or Connect Four. Decorate with game-themed decorations, and provide a game-themed cake or cupcakes. Or go big and host a casino night with poker tables and card-themed decor.
Remember to consider the birthday person's interests and hobbies when choosing the decoration theme. Personalizing the decorations will make the 21st birthday celebration even more memorable. Please browse our selection of pre-made packages on our website www.balloonz.co.nz or email us for a custom quote info@balloonz.co.nz
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