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Introducing our exquisite 61cm diameter latex balloon, complete with weights and tassels, designed to add a touch of magic to any occasion. With its versatile colour options, this balloon can be easily adjusted to match any theme, making it a perfect fit for your event. We welcome custom requests, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your specific vision.

Best to order for the day of the occasion.


Experience the joy of this balloon as it gracefully floats through the air for up to 7 days, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. To ensure maximum freshness and longevity, we recommend placing your order for the day of your event. However, if needed, you can also order a day prior to ensure everything is perfectly prepared.


For your convenience, we offer delivery across Auckland from Monday to Friday. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can opt for a Saturday pickup from our store between 09.00-11.00 am.



Please note that we do not provide delivery services on public holidays, ensuring our team gets a well-deserved holiday :)

Personalised name balloon #1

PriceFrom $90.00
Sales Tax Included
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