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Our Grab & Go pieces have that signature custom colours. They’re also a super easy way to make a big decor impact for a party, shower, or special occasion. Hang a garland on your wall, over a doorway, along a staircase or hire one of our stands to stand up your balloon garland. 



2.5m wide


The colour combination can be changed.

Max 4 colours

Please send to our email the colour combination and order number for custom request



Medium size vehicle required


Balloonz garlands: Our balloon garlands can last up to 3-5 weeks if kept inside. If you would like to install it outside we recommend doing so couple of hours before the event.

Please don't keep balloon garland overnight or for more than 2 hours in a hot car, in warm conditions balloons expand and can pop. 

They come attached in a shape that can be adjusted.

We will give you with balloon garland strings that are