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Introducing the Ultimate Balloon Decor Package: Ach Mesh with Balloons and Custom Birthday Sign!


Elevate your celebrations to new heights with our stunning Ach Mesh with Balloons package. Whether it's a milestone birthday, a special anniversary, or any joyous occasion, this package promises to transform your space into a magical wonderland of colors and fun.

Package Highlights:

  • Balloon Garland: Our expertly crafted 3-4 meter balloon garland will be the center of attention at your event. This meticulously designed garland is a visual masterpiece, featuring an array of vibrant balloons that create a captivating backdrop for your festivities.

  • Custom Birthday Sign: Make your event truly personal with a custom birthday sign. Let your imagination run wild as we design and create a unique sign that reflects the theme and spirit of your celebration. Please note - this is up to 30 characters and single colour. Addititional colours available for extra charge.

  • Size and Quality: The white mesh measures a generous 120 × 215cmH, providing the perfect canvas for our balloon garland and custom sign to come to life. With balloons display size will be approximately 2.8m by 3m. 


Package Inclusions:

  • This package includes delivery and installation within a 25km radius of our store. We take care of the logistics so you can focus on enjoying your event. Next bussiness day pick up for events on Saturday it means Monday pick up- can be picked up from your home location if venue doesnt allow to keep props. 



Double Layered Balloons:

  • For those seeking an extra layer of extravagance, we offer the option of double layered balloons. Depending on your color scheme and preferences, there might be an additional charge. The pricing ranges from $60 for events with 50% double layered balloons to $220 if you choose to include mesmerizing orb cut balloons or elegant butterflies or even florals.


Whether you opt for the single layered simplicity or decide to go all out with the double layered charm, our Ach Mesh with Balloons package promises a visually stunning and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


At Balloonz we are dedicated to turning your celebrations into cherished memories. Let us bring a touch of balloon magic to your special day with our all-inclusive Ach Mesh with Balloons package. Book now and let the festivities begin!

Arch mesh with balloons | 3-4m balloon garland |Custom birthday sign

Sales Tax Included
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