Balloon bouquet start at $200 plus delivery(includes 3 jumbo giant balloons in custom pastel colours or balloon orbs) 
Our organic garlands start at 65$ a meter, minimum order 3.5m
(that's our standard garland up to 3 colours includes 3 different size balloons, baby balloons, standard and 16'') To make it more luxury add on Jumbo balloons air filled for $16 a piece.
Our minimum installation order for a balloon garland is $250 plus delivery
Double stuffed balloon garlands are $75 a meter - that means 2 balloons in one to create that rich unseen colour (Tiffany blue, pastel pink, blue steal, dusty rose, deep emerald green and etc.)
Extra large balloons and foil balloons start @$16 per balloon (air filled)
Flower add on to balloon garland start @$40   

Delivery fee Aukland wide start @$15 

Balloon walls @$180 for 1square meter larger balloons and foils starting $16 
Balloon refreshing package for multi day install $150 (our garlands can last up to two months and we will come and replace balloons so it looks always fresh this service is usually couple hours ideal for large indoor installations)
We do offer personalised writing on the balloons starting at $25 per balloon  
Bespoke helium balloons $75 (80 cm helium balloon with your text on it)

Outdoor balloon creations in Auckland- ideal for product launch sale, store opening, car sale yards starting garlands @85$ a meter! (company branding available on balloons)
Mesh balloon rental backdrop package start  @380$ 
Mesh wall rental - starts 80$*
Excludes delivery and pick up
Balloon dismount $150

Not looking for installation, but still crave all the fun?

Well we create a garland for you in your colours starting at $45 a meter. 

You’ll hang it yourself.

Pick up in Kumeu, Auckland

If we have not mentioned above something what you are looking for..
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