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Matte balloons 

Matte balloons - or velvet looking balloons 

Latex balloons can become covered with a velvet finish when atmospheric conditions change, such as in high humidity, in high ozone or when exposed to sunlight. This velvet finish is the result of oxidation, the first step in the bio-degradation (or natural breakdown) of the natural latex.

What it means in real terms it is high quality balloons changed they appearance to velvet look after exposure to the sun.

If you after this look indoors  please let us know and we can pre-inflate balloons 3-7 days prior your event. 




The Art of Balloon Decorating


The art of balloon decorating itself, just like other visual arts, relies mainly on the color combination to convey specific feelings, atmospheres, or moods. This is the main reason for balloons to be considered as an event styling. For instance, in a sacred wedding party, you might see white balloons decorate the environment as white symbolizes purity. Notwithstanding how a lovely balloon garland can decorate the wedding aisle, it creates an unforgettable moment for the wedding couple and the guests. 

In another case, you might find red or green balloons embellishing a corporate event as the red color symbolizes spirit, while green refers to peace and negotiable. Hence, many corporate events such as opening new branches, launching a new product, or introducing a brand new company will not be that much excited without balloons decoration embellishing there.

In simple words, no matter which color you choose, balloons have their lively nature to charm the atmosphere and make everyone feel wonderful. Let's admit it, wouldn't you feel embrace if you are surrounding with the beautiful look of air filled with colorful balloons?

Create an Original Touch for Every Event

Balloons can help you out recreating some statues and objects that, depending on the event type, resemble a cartoon character, a specific brand, or even the party’s character. Remember, fantasy has no limit. 

What’s more, the improvement in technology today has supported in the context of manufacturing balloons. Various balloons are available in the market with different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. You could find a wide variety of options such as smile balloons, cartoon-shaped balloons, printed balloons, and many other unique shapes.

The success of a party itself relies mostly on the atmosphere setting, which, if well-designed, can do well in transforming even the unknown environment into the perfect location for a memorable event.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is, same as other decoration forms; the essential thing is not to go beyond. This means you should not use excessive balloons that might not be suitable for your party or event’s theme. Why? The answer is since the balloons are the elements that are visible if they will be inserted randomly and in vast quantities, they can be a great potential to create a “patchwork” style. Well, no one would ever want this to happen at their special event. 

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