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100 helium balloons starting at $300*

50 helium balloons starting at $199*

*plus delivery

Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands are great add-on to events would it be a birthday, anniversary, corporate event or private function. We create custom colour combination balloon garlands in Auckland. We can add to your balloon garland foil balloons, confetti balloons and extra large balloons with custom writing. 

*Achieve that special Luxury look with Balloon Garland Add-Ons:

-Add on to your garland flowers

-Starburst balloons

-XL balloons 

Balloon backdrop packages for events.

These are great as they will give you more ideas if you are looking for something custom with signage and writing. We have developed these packages that can be customised to your needs. They are cheaper than selecting decor pieces separate. 

Start at $250* plus delivery

1st birthday set ups

Heading 1

Corporate balloon decor

Whether you are holding a product launch, an employee appreciation party or a fundraiser. We can provide you with a beatiful balloon decor 

Garlands, arches, and clusters of large, round, colourful balloons can take an everyday space and make a statement.

Balloon Jumbo ceiling

Balloon Wall

Balloon wall great for photo zone and to add that wow to your event. This is newest trend in balloon decorations. For sure will be noticeable at your party.

Helium balloon bundle 


One of most cost effective and simple way to decorate your venue.

(low on budget but want to impress - how about 50 balloons covering your event space ceiling)


The key is to select right colour combination and enjoy the balloon decor magic.

When a baby reaches his or her first year, it's a big deal for the adults in the family. Therefore, it's common to want to do something that will stand out from a typical birthday party. One of the best ways to combine the idea of a "birthday party" and something unique is to go for upgraded 1st birthday balloon decor.

  Since a one-year-old is still too young to run around and play with all of the balloons, you have a unique opportunity to take them to an adult level. A balloon backdrop party planner can get you set up with a whole balloon wall in multiple sizes and the colours of your choice. These balloon walls are often used as backdrops for photographs. 

Jumbo helium balloons 

Jumbo balloons(they come in all colours including clear filled with confetti feathers) are available in 24″ and 36″ sizes helium filled. We also have Cloud-busters that go up to 2m.

This awesome giant balloon will surely impress your friends.

Fully customizable from tassels to custom writing! Just let us know your party theme and we will do the rest.

24'' @ $50 *

36'' @ $ 60 *

Cloud-buster please ask as for details.

*excludes delivery charges

Have a large space to decorate, we are here to create with our ultimate jumbo balloon decorations 

Mosaic letters

We are proud to be one of a companies in Auckland to offer this extraordinary type of balloon decor. 

Mosaic trend just recently entered our community but already became one of the most wanted items.

Every letter and number are custom made of high density MDF board and filled with your choice of colour balloons


Mosaic numbers $200*


*Excludes delivery

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