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1st Birthday Balloon Decor

  Let a Balloon Backdrop Party Planner Set Up Your Child's 1st Birthday Party 
Possible themes for a set up - Jungle, Minnie or Mickey, frozen, boss baby and etc. 

When a baby reaches his or her first year, it's a big deal for the adults in the family. Therefore, it's common to want to do something that will stand out from a typical birthday party. One of the best ways to combine the idea of a "birthday party" and something unique is to go for upgraded 1st birthday balloon decor.


Since a one-year-old is still too young to run around and play with all of the balloons, you have a unique opportunity to take them to an adult level. A balloon backdrop party planner can get you set up with a whole balloon wall in multiple sizes and the colours of your choice. These balloon walls are often used as backdrops for photographs. They can also serve as a background for various party events.


When you choose professionally-made 1st birthday balloon decor, you get to choose which colors to use and which forms the decorative pieces should take. Along with balloon backdrops or walls, you can get balloon garlands or have large balloons hung from the ceiling in great numbers. The backdrops and garlands use so many balloons that you can't even see between them. Not only that, they use balloons in multiple sizes. This makes the effect very eye-catching and attractive, and far surpasses the typical effect seen at kid's birthday parties.


A balloon party is perfect for your child's first birthday. The presence of the balloons in your pictures, along with the child, will make it obvious what the event was even years later. They will also make the event more fun and keep the mood light, as is appropriate for a birthday party. Finally, the expert will do all of the setup work.

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